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3 November 1973
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I'm a New Yorker stuck in Southern California, and as such, am forced to take out my inbred New Yorker tendencies in other ways, such as rambling ranting journal entries.

I love all things science fiction (minus LOTR, which I have tried to enjoy many, MANY times, and failed miserably. I just don't get it), be that television, movies, or books. I also love my TiVo, which helps me keep up on way too much television. Other than that, I love my piano, my cat, long epic novels that I can lose myself in, really cozy comfy pajamas and fuzzy slippers, disney, stuffed animals and teddy bears, good wine, computer and video games, coffee, and sleep.

I'm also an EMT with years and years of ambulance corps and ER experience that's really come in handy working in the tech industry. Can't you hear the sarcasm? Remember, I'm a New Yorker.